Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello Everyone!

Yep, it's official, I'm the worst blogger ever! Life is great for Conrad and I, we're just trying to keep up with life! Conrad and I keep busy with our church callings, him in 11 year old scouts and me in primary as the "singing lady". I must admit, I've grown to love my calling! It was so scary at first, well......for a long time.....after all, I'm not a good singer! But anyway, I finally feel like I fit into the mold as the "singing lady" and I have so much fun with it! I just love those kids! Work for both of us is going good, we both have good, steady jobs and are so grateful for them. Let's see, what else is new?? Conrad surprised me with a trip to Flagstaff for V-Day weekend, it was tons of fun! We got to try new places to eat, play in the snow, go to the movies and just relax. Talk about a much needed get away, work has been SUPER busy lately at my job so I finally felt like I could breathe for a little while. I love Conrad so much, he is always so thoughtful and doing things for me :) Other than that there is nothing new in life, just have our two dogs and no kiddos yet! Someday hopefully, I'm having a hard time with this whole patience thing but I know it will happen. I just want it to happen NOW! So Heavenly Father is definitely helping me with that :) Hope life is good for everyone, sorry I have been a bad blog friend! Love you all!


  1. you just have to say, 'meh, its not that serious. we don't HAVE to have kids now'. hahaha. then you'll get pregnant.

  2. I got so excited when I saw you updated :)

    Flagstaff sounds like so much fun for Valentines! And I agree with the comment above... And just remember the Lord is in all things and it's on his timetable (though that is always hard to remember I think :))