Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello Everyone!

Yep, it's official, I'm the worst blogger ever! Life is great for Conrad and I, we're just trying to keep up with life! Conrad and I keep busy with our church callings, him in 11 year old scouts and me in primary as the "singing lady". I must admit, I've grown to love my calling! It was so scary at first, well......for a long time.....after all, I'm not a good singer! But anyway, I finally feel like I fit into the mold as the "singing lady" and I have so much fun with it! I just love those kids! Work for both of us is going good, we both have good, steady jobs and are so grateful for them. Let's see, what else is new?? Conrad surprised me with a trip to Flagstaff for V-Day weekend, it was tons of fun! We got to try new places to eat, play in the snow, go to the movies and just relax. Talk about a much needed get away, work has been SUPER busy lately at my job so I finally felt like I could breathe for a little while. I love Conrad so much, he is always so thoughtful and doing things for me :) Other than that there is nothing new in life, just have our two dogs and no kiddos yet! Someday hopefully, I'm having a hard time with this whole patience thing but I know it will happen. I just want it to happen NOW! So Heavenly Father is definitely helping me with that :) Hope life is good for everyone, sorry I have been a bad blog friend! Love you all!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Photo Blog

Hey all! :) I created a blog for my photography if you want to check it out! We just took our family pictures, so check them out! :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Glad I'm still loved!

Well thanks for all your sweet comments! I must have been having a lame'o day! I am pretty lame at posting consistently, I need to get better because it can be so fun! Thanks for all your good luck wishes for my new calling, I'll need it! :) I'm loving my calling, it's lots of fun and work too, but mostly fun :) Conrad and I are doing great, we are both enrolled in school, Conrad's first semester and hopefully my last! I'm just getting my associate in arts and trying to work more on building my photography portfolio. I really enjoy what I do! Hope all is well with everyone, Adios!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Guess I'm Pretty Boring!

Okay I'm very sad, nobody ever comments on my blog. Am I just not that cool anymore or is my life boring? I was told by one of my primary kids that my life sounds boring so maybe it is hahaha. Oh, about a month ago I got put in as the new Primary Chorister. SCARY. We have the primary program coming up on Halloween day. Wish me luck! :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Busy Doing What I Love! My latest work....

Well to say the least, life is great but it's been busy! Here are a few pictures that i've been working on lately. My great friend, Stacie, got married last week to Dan! I was so excited to have the opportunity to take her wedding pictures so here are just a few!

I also got to take pictures for my other awesome friend, Sonya! She is leaving on her mission very soon now and is going to do an amazing job. This shoot was definitely tons of fun and WAY HOT outside! Enjoy a few of my favorites!

PS. I posted all of the pictures of Sonya on Facebook so check them out!

Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July Weekend

For the 4th of July weekend we have a tradition of going up to Taylor (Where my mom is from) for the Anvil Parade and Rodeo. It's a tradition that I want to keep going in mine and Conrad's family. This was Conrad's first year coming and it was so much fun to finally have him there with me!
4th of July weekend always starts out with sleeping on grandma's lawn that Friday night to wake up to the anvil parade. My sister, her friend, Conrad and I all slept on grandma's lawn and woke up at 4AM to the loud BOOM created by the anvil going off, the sign that the parade is starting! We called my parents to come pick us up (lucky them) and drive us through the parade. In Taylor, EVERYONE get's to be in the parade! The parade ended at 6:30 and we went back to grandma's to eat breakfast in our pj's. Breakfast consisted of homemade pancakes, eggs, and applesauce, yummmmmm. Made by my Uncle Brad :)

After a long morning we went back to the apartment to get dressed to go to the swap meet and do some antique shopping, YAY! In Taylor you can find some good antiques for cheap! After shopping we were exhausted so we took a nap and later had lunch and my grandma's, made again by my Uncle Brad. We had BBQ Beef sandwiches and the BEST grilled corn I've ever had!

By this time it was time to get ready for the Rodeo so we could save our seat because it sure fills up fast! After getting ready we headed down there and got our seat while also eating the famous NAVAJO TACOS. Every year we go to the rodeo you have to have the Navajo Tacos, their Yummy-Licous! Once your filled with plain goodness and the stands are filled with rodeo craving fans, the rodeo begins with the Pledge of Alegience, a Prayer and a YEE-HAW! The rodeo is such a blast and at the end we get fireworks! I must say, Taylor does a good job! But personally, I would rather the fireworks not be not so long. After sitting in our seats for 4 hours we were ready to go to sleep and I had a full bladder!!

After having a fun filled weekend it sure is nice to get back to real life and be home again with our Ruger! We just love him and miss him when we're away! Here's some pictures of our weekend. And I'm going to get back to painting our room, i'll post pics when it's done!

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Adair Family Pictures

Here's a few pictures of my latest shoot! I have known Amy since I was little because we grew up in the same ward. This is her beautiful family! Her baby girl is SO adorable and they were so much fun to work with!! Enjoy a few of my favorites!